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My Button Factory Studio 320 (855 Islington Street,Portsmouth NH 03801) has a fabulous two-story brick wall which allows multiple large paintings to engage in a spicy conversation -- adding cohesion and energy to my current artwork . PLUS - the big space and free parking encourages a steady stream of visitors ~ Come on over! text 603 235-6004

My teaching continues - adding private coaching and mentoring to my ongoing workshops and studio classes. I am really enjoying working with adult artists - helping them navigate the inevitable challenges and celebrating their successes.


DUSTAN KNIGHT is a professional artist (MFA/Pratt Institute & MA/Boston University in Art History)(UCLA-Summer)(TA AcademyRome/Pratt)

Knight works in an intuitive, process style that pushes her materials and depends on her many years of visual study and creative experience to achieve her signature looseness and dramatic color exchanges. Lyrical movement and elegant composition are consistent elements of her artistic vocabulary.