• Ten Piscataqua Painters First Edition Hardback Coffee Table Book Fall 2021

    Ten Piscataqua Painters  First Edition Hardback Coffee Table Book   Fall 2021

    Very excited to be chosen as one of Ten Fabulous Piscataqua Painters.
    HardBack Coffee Table Book - 9 x 9" 132 pages 120 pages of ART

  • BUTTON STUDIO RESIDENCY January - May 2021

    BUTTON STUDIO  RESIDENCY  January - May 2021

    Life has many turns and twists and I am over the moon with the chance to work in this spacious creative studio for several months. Lilly is happy too.

    Studio 320 855 Islington Street Portsmouth NH Please come on over and see the trouble I am getting into! (603) 235-6004

  • RYE MAGAZINE January 2021

    RYE MAGAZINE   January 2021

    So fun to start the new year with the COVER and short article about my studio adventures. Thank you for allowing me to share in the hopes for a new year with all the many residents of beautiful Rye New Hampshire

  • ABSTRACTION in the SEACOAST Portsmouth Historical Society

    ABSTRACTION in the SEACOAST  Portsmouth Historical Society

    TBA Looking ahead to a FALL exhibition at the Portsmouth Discover Center and the Portsmouth Historical Society
    603 436-8433

  • A COLLECTIVE CURIOSITY - Exhibition at Lamont Gallery

    A COLLECTIVE CURIOSITY - Exhibition at Lamont Gallery

    the Lamont Gallery Phillips Exeter Academy ~Virtual~ Jan 9 - June 6

  • Chase Young Gallery Boston

    Chase Young Gallery Boston

    SEPTEMBER 2019

    Exhibition of new artists at Chase Young Gallery in Boston - Harrison Ave



    Wildly Popular -mostly watercolor- workshop in New Castle.
    July 9 - July 12 2019

  • INTERVIEW with Dustan Knight - podcast

    INTERVIEW with Dustan Knight - podcast

    Artists of New England with Laura King

    - fun listening
    - insightful
    -"Dustan has a lovely voice and her experiences are amusing and helpful'


  • Facebook Studio sale - 2018

    Facebook Studio sale - 2018

    Oct 15 - 21 2018 On line facebook sale - posting new works on paper- demos, studio sketches etc every morning about 8 am
    for 24 hours - 'best offer'- wins artwork



    *Join us for the 2018 Annual New Castle Watercolor Workshop
    July 10 - July 13 Four Days of painting on location in beautiful picturesque New Castle NH*

    ~~~SPECIAL ART DAY JULY 14 - Acrylic Play Day!~~~~

    This is a new opportunity to explore the fun and creative potential of Acrylics including acrylic pours and acrylic additives.

  • 2017 end of the year update

    2017 end of the year update

    2017 was a terrific year filled with art.. Several big exhibitions including the New Hampshire Art Association Parfitt Exhibition where I won third prize, Art 3 and the New Hampshire Art Wall at the Elliott Hospital in Manchester, Millbrook Gallery and a painting displayed in the Government Office in Concord. Exhibiting and painting with my favorite artists in The Merrimack Rivers Painters at the Kimball Jenkins Historical Mansion and Art School.

  • 2017 Annual New Castle Watercolor Workshop

    2017 Annual New Castle Watercolor Workshop

    Announcing 2017 New Castle Watercolor Workshop
    July 12 - July 15 Four full days of painting in beautiful island community
    $320 catered, open kitchen, daily short demos, great indoor studio space, insider views of the island, easy access to sites

    contact dustanknight@gmail.com to reserve a spot

  • NEWS / EVENTS ***Press Release***

    NEWS / EVENTS     ***Press Release***

    PAINTING THE IMPRESSIONISTIC LANDSCAPE Exploring Light and Color in Watercolor and Acrylic

    Dustan will be scheduling short demos and signings . Please contact her if you are interested

  • Classes on going at Brush and Palette

    Classes on going at Brush and Palette

    Brush and Palette North Hampton

    I am too busy in the studio to teach very much these days, but I do keep up a class and/or a monthly workshop here at Brush and Palette in Centenniel Hall in North Hampton NH

    Mary, the owner, and I have been friends for many many years and it is my pleasure to continue working with her to inspire new and old students to be creative. check out the website Brush and Palette to see what classes and fun workshop themes are coming up

  • Merrimack River Painters

    Merrimack River Painters

    Check out our Blog Merrimack River Painters

    This is a fabulous group of women artists I have been blessed to share creative energy with. We have been painting together for more than ten years, meeting monthly to critique and discuss pressing art and life ideas.

  • Ogunquit Art Association

    Ogunquit Art Association

    Ogunquit Art Association
    Exhibition Silver Center Show, Plymouth State U
    winter 2016

    What is it about this group that enchants me so much that despite the traffic jams on Route One all summer, I continue to look forward to exhibiting with them? They are just a fun group of crazy (and accomplished artists)

    Come see our summer exhibitions and get a good sense of how art should be

  • Dustan's CHATS

    Dustan's CHATS

    2016 BOOK – Painting the Impressionistic Landscape in Watercolor and Acrylic DUE DATE OCTOBER 2016 This is an important year for me, as my book will be published by Rockport Publishers, NYNY. Both Amazon and Barnes and Nobles are listing it as a new release. I am feeling sky-high. New opportunities to produce and exhibit my artwork are revealing themselves. I am also involved with the wonderful Wild Apple Graphic Fine Art Publishers. This is a wonderful vital International art publishing company. I am so grateful.

    2015 PRESENTED me with the wonderful opportunity to author a book of my artwork and my teaching techniques for Rockport Publishing. What a remarkable opportunity. My calm and hardworking NYC editor and my art school BFF Karen Hill (who is doing the photography for the book ) are making this the best experience I could imagine. I am loving it. Hopefully book will be published in 2016

    2014 and 2015 BOTH were busy family years and that showed up with even more artistic energy in the studio. I seem to be more interested in layering patterns, perpetually inspired by Asian Art, ikabana and kimonos and recently.. suddenly, by the opulent unapologetic patterns of Klimpt and Hundertwasser. I continue to get a lot of my art work out to Corporations, hospitals and hotels and now have original paintings all over the United States in the Macy’s Collections. Thrilling. I am anticipating a great year of business success and artistic growth.
    2013 DURING the summer of 2013 I began to revisit a more physical gestural approach to my florals using oil and acrylic as well as watercolor. I am inspired by the expressionist semi abstract painters of the sixties as I continue to refine my sense of color to more vibrant combinations and emphasis on transitions between passages. Thematically I attempt to unravel my fascination with the garden..whether it is a hidden sanctuary or a metaphor, or both.